Ah, hot dogs. Nothing quite like them. Whether you’re grilling 'em up on the Fourth of July or scarfing one down at a ball game, they're an all-American classic. But why settle for plain ol' plain when there are so many incredible toppings to choose from? Here's my take on the best hot dog toppings and how to make your franks sizzle with flavor!

First up: Chili. Now y'all know I'm a big fan of chili, so it only makes sense to put this stuff on a hot dog. Classic chili made with ground beef, tomato sauce and beans can add a nice kick to just about any frankfurter situation. If you're looking for something a little different, try adding some diced up jalapeños for an extra spicy kick.

Next on the list is relish. Whether you like the classic dill or want to go sweet with pickle relish, this topping will add a nice tartness and crunch to your hot dog. For an even bigger flavor punch, mix in some red onion and diced tomatoes too—you won't regret it!

Finally, there's nothing quite like melted cheese to round out the perfect hot dog creation. Try using shredded cheddar or American cheese between two slices of buttered bread to really make your frank pop! And you can always mix it up by going with some pepper Jack or Swiss if you're feeling adventurous.

So, there you have it: chili, relish and melted cheese—the perfect trifecta of hot dog toppings. Of course, every hot dog aficionado has their own favorite combination of fix-ins so don't be afraid to get creative. Now fire up the grill and enjoy in Nashville

Happy eating!

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